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Friends kind of only.

Geez, I change this too much. Okay. I'm going to unlock my fics. BUT if I see any story of mine or someone sees it somewhere else, I will f-lock them and keep them that way. I'm doing this, because apparently it was all a big misunderstanding and I feel bad for making people friend me just to see the fics. So, I'm gonna unlock them.

Not to sure what all I may f-lock.  Maybe just any random posts I do that I only want friends to see.  But all my previous posts, like icons, wallpapers and gifs, I may leave for anyone to see.

So comment if you want an add and I do love new friends, so.....

And if you would like to follow me on anything else, like Twitter or Tumblr or something, my name for them all is kathrynew30. :D  The only one that isn't, is my youtube which is orlylover30 (it is only called that, because I made it years ago when I was obsessed with Orlando Bloom.)

[And in recent development, all future and past Hesper picspams are unlocked.  So yay! I say party time.]

[And in more recent development, my future James and Logan picspams may or may not be locked]

Fishstick Saturday! With a hint of fire.

Well here it is, not sure how I feel about it. But here you go!

Holy mother of epicness!Collapse )

Big Time Vacation!

So as some of you may know, a little less than a month ago I went to California and met stoodupforlove and we had ourselves a BIG TIME VACATION! It was the best 5 days of my life and the best trip I had ever been on. She is the greatest person on the planet and completely and 100% my best friend and I love her to death. Can I just say how this happened? Because it is awesome. We just started talking on Twitter like the beginning/middle of July and then we decided "oh let's text rather then spam our followers." So we start texting and I just one day I tell her I want to go to California and that I am serious about it. To which she responds "well I can have a vacation the end of August." So, I look up ticket prices and then BAM , I am purchasing tickets to Cali. You should have seen our tweets that night, it was just "OH MY GOSH! Is this really happening?" AND we hadn't even been talking all that much, it was just crazy and SO amazing! God, I love her. And I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she did for me on this trip.

I miss Astro Burger and Kellie.Collapse )

A James and Logan Picspam

Oh yeah, I jumped on this ship.  I must admit I was a full blown Kogan girl until about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was the time that stoodupforlove  and I became friends. She is a James fan and I am a Logan, so when our friendship happened we just combined our favorite boys and we have been hooked ever since. (she was a Kames girl)

So this pairing is all I see now, like I cannot see Kogan anymore which is just crazy.  

Anyway, this picspam is just to kick off my James/Logan spams. There are more to come. But for now I have this, which is RL stuff rather than showverse, though there are music videos, but stoodupforlove  and I both thought it was better in RL.  AND this is not the only RL spam I will do. I have one planned, with just interviews from the boys. :)

Oh and if you haven't already, you should read stoodupforlove  's James/Logan fic Something There, because it is amazingly awesome and cute.  Part one is here!

Onto the spam!!

What? James and Logan? Oh yeah!!Collapse )

So in recent development...

My Hesper picspam have been put on hold.  I hope not forever, I do not plan on stopping them. It's just my mind has been completely taken over my another thing instead, which is making the picspams impossible for me to complete.  And for those who do not know, the other thing has to do with Big Time Rush, but not BTR as a whole, but more specifically James and Logan.  Those boys are way too adorable for me to handle.

I fully blame James and Logan for the fact that they have completely infiltrated my mind, but it also has to do with stoodupforlove  a bit because she helps feed my obsession, well we do it to each other. And because I love her and she is writing her James and Logan fic, so i have to do my part and create something for her to enjoy as well.

  But since I have this new love for everything James and Logan, I have picspams for that in the works. And these will get done, because stoodupforlove is pushing me to do it.  Well she keeps me from completely procrastinating on them.  And there will be 2 James/Logan spams.  One from showverse and one from RL.  Hopefully the showverse one will be done by the end of the week.  I don't want to set an actual deadline, because if I do, it will NOT be done in time. 

But I fully plan on getting back to Hesper, but I just have to get these other picspams out of my head first. 

Hesper with some other stuff

Okay #3 in my Hesper picspam.  And this has a tiny little subplot between Maggie and Whitney.  I shall call it Whiggie. And there is also way too much talk of a certain dessert.  So I really hope you enjoy this.  

"Henry, I'm here.  You said to meet you here for a surprise."
what does hesper, whiggie and pie have in common?Collapse ) 

Okay so I am already posting the next picspam a day after my last one.  This is pretty epic for me. 

And just to forewarn you this is much more angsty then the last one.  So get ready for Angry!Jasper and Sad!Henry. :( 

More Hesper? Well click here. Collapse )

Hesper picspam of the pilot

A little picspam of the wonderful pairing of Henry and Jasper or better known as Hesper.  This is only for the pilot for now, because I am really tired and cannot do the next one right now or I might pass out. :D

And this is a DL heavy, so yeah.

Anyway onto the spam.

When we first meet our little Henry.  Why so serious?
some Hesper if you likeCollapse )